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20 November 13
Special Spring Break
Spring Break just got better with our amazing special offer at Hopkins Baystay FOUR nights and only pay for THREE!

Hopkins Bay is the closest resort on the Belize mainland to the barrier reef, offering unparalleled access to some of the best scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing in the world.

Hopkins Bay Resort - Belize

Hopkins Bay Resort Sunset

Hopkins Bay Resort Sunset Bedroom Beach House - Dusk

Being based on the mainland, this also allows easy access to all the inland gems, including ancient Maya citiesjungle river expeditions, birding, caving, waterfall rappelling and more, making it a perfect base for a ‘surf and turf’ Belize adventure.

Contact us now to secure your special offer.

Hopkins Bay Resort Room


Hot honeymoon
Planning a summer wedding? Let us take the stress out of the honeymoon planning by designing a personalised Belize itinerary just for you.

Tell us the tempo, the taste and the ambience and we can do the rest, at no extra charge, now there’s a deal.

Absolute Belize honeymoon

Sunset wine and cheese picnic on top of an ancient Mayan City? Island hopping on a luxury private yacht? Fishing and a private lunch cooked with your catch on the beach?

Get in touch and tell us a little more about you so we can curate the honeymoon of of a lifetime.

Honeymoon Belize



20 November 13
Beautiful Belcampo
We are excited to introduce Belcampo Lodge to our hand picked offerings at AB.Belcampo Inc. took to the reins of the previous Machaca Hill Lodge in 2011 and the results are stunning.Owning farms in California and Uruguay as well as Belize, the métier at Belcampo Inc. is about producing food of the highest quality and integrity, using methods of providing the best tasting food and drink the earth can produce, in a way that provides a clear path from farm to table.

Belcampo Lodge

Belcampo Belize is far beyond the realms of a farm, offering guests’ luxury, tranquillity and myriad Belize adventures.  Located upriver from the Caribbean sea, yet situated in the midst of the rainforest and jungle, guests can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Let us transport you away from the everyday world with a Belize itinerary based at this slice of paradise.

Belcampo Belize


Belcampo Lodge


20 November 13
Phenomenon of bioluminescence
I dived overboard and into the most astonishing of swimming experiences. As my body hit the water, it exploded in light, streams of scintillating green and blue sizzling from my fingertips and sending out great curving constellations of phosphorescence. Diving down I blew bubbles and watched as they were lit by the same eerie light. Further below were strange discs of light – fish? – and other fractal flashes in the gloom. After a long and unearthly swim through this cosmic cloudburst, I climbed out on the deck and lay down for a star bath”.

Kevin Rushby, while travelling with AB and writing for The Guardian Newspaper.


Come to Belize and witness the unearthly and mesmerising Bioluminescence, a phenomenon that occurs when marine bacteria, plankton and certain marine life release a chemical called, appropriately, luciferin.

Scientists have discovered various reasons why this occurs, including communication in order to find a mate, locating food, where certain fish species use their light like a spotlight to find prey, camouflage, where some species produce spots of light on their to blur their outlines and allow them to blend in with the light from above and finally, self-defense – where some animals release a cloud of bioluminescent fluid, similar to the way squid defend themselves with a cloud of ink.

The phenomenon can be witnessed on a night snorkel or night dive in Belize, contact us for more information or to plan your swim with the underwater cosmos now!

Night Diving



20 November 13
Garífuna Settlement Day
The Garifuna culture makes up just 4% of the Belizean population, however the majority live in the Toledo and Stan Creek areas, along the coastline of mainland Belize.A mix of African and Arawak Indian cultures, the Garifuna language is a mixture of Arawak, African, French, English and Spanish and was declared a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2009, along with Garifuna music and dance.

Garifuna Settlement Day celebrates the arrival of the first Garifuna in 1832, descendants of the Black Caribbeans who were deported from St Vincent.  There are countrywide events, however the celebrations really kick off in Dangriga, Hopkins and Punta Gorda, the spiritual homes of the Garifina culture with live drumming, traditional dancing and processions.

Check out all the other Fiestas in Belize and let us help you plan your Belize itinerary around one of these special occasions.

Garifuna Settlement day Garifuna Settlement day

Picture courtesy of Ambergris Today

Hit list

Whether you want an action packed agenda in the water and the jungle, or simply spend some quality time in a hammock, Belize has something for all tastes and tempos.

Map of Belize, showing our 4 main regions
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