Central Cayes

Belize-Central-Cayes-Adrenaline-Addict-Tailor-Made-DivingThe most notable sites are the marine reserves of Tobacco Caye and South Water Caye, which have small resorts and amenities making them excellent bases for a days diving. Top sites include:

Faegon’s Bluff, where two reefs are separated by sandy flats attracting large shoals of sardines and needlefish, often trailed by prowling barracuda. At Fishy Point, the reef drops sharply from 60ft to a 100ft sandy plain where blue tangs gather by the hundreds to feed along the slope.  Grunts, black groupers, snappers and moray eels all hide out in the overhangs.

Tobacco Cut is one of the very few shore dives possible in Belize, the site is located on the south side of Tobacco Caye and is a perfect place to do a night dive. Common encounters on a night dive here include octopus, free swimming moray eels, squid and many others. At Eagle Ray Bowl southern stingrays and eagle rays feed and rest. There are a number of large gullies at the edge of the reef; on the east wall you can watch the passing reef sharks and turtles.