Offshore Atolls

Offshore-Atolls-Blue-Hole-Caribbean-BelizeThree of only four atolls in the Caribbean are here in Belize – Lighthouse, Glovers and Turneffe. The atolls formed millions of years ago on giant tectonic faults, where limestone provided perfect conditions for coral growth. The oval shaped masses of coral have central lagoons with water 10 to 30 feet deep and the ocean falls sharply to 1,000 feet or more outside the walls, making for spectacular dive territory.

There are just a handful of small diving and fishing resorts on the atolls, however they are also accessible from most tourist destinations, including as far north as Ambergris Caye.

The Blue Hole is one of the most famous dive sites in the world and an incomparable natural wonder. This atoll was once a dry cave, but rising sea levels over thousands of years submerged it, causing the dome to collapse and resulting in the perfectly formed 1,000ft diameter circular hole.  The hole is believed to be 430ft deep and at 130ft you can witness the world’s largest known underwater stalactites, whilst nurse sharks circle below you.