Up high

Belize-birdwatching-ToucanWith over six hundred species of birds, enthusiasts flock to Belize to witness a fantastic range of species.  These include the scarlet macaw, the keel-billed toucan, and the jabiru stork, which is the largest bird in the western hemisphere.  Also look out for the harpy eagle, with its seven foot wingspan, and over 20 species of hummingbird.

You’ll see fascinating birds almost everywhere – in the wetlands, lagoons, forests and coastline. Watch the flocks of pelicans surrounding the local fisherman cleaning their catch on the beaches of San Pedro, whilst the graceful frigate birds glide by.  Look out for osprey nests atop telephone poles and houses, as well as other birds of prey including peregrine falcons, kestrels and hawks, plus turkey, king and black vultures.