An update on Booking Terms, Conditions, and Comprehensive Insurance Options

6 July 20

An update on Booking Terms & Conditions

As the entire globe and the world of travel continues to endure the ongoing storm associated with Covid-19, we’ve been working with our travel partners to clarify their updated policies on new bookings, so that you can travel safely and without uncertainty, when it is viable for you to do so.

Your safety is our number one priority, as is safeguarding your trip in the event of circumstances that mean you are unable to travel. There is no global unilateral consensus on travel terms and conditions from hotel to hotel, yacht charter to yacht charter nor airline to airline. In Belize, all of our preferred hotels, boutique retreats, private villas and all-inclusive yacht charters have relaxed cancellation terms and offered more flexibility for rebooking as a whole.

What we do for you at AB is scrutinise all policies on your behalf so we can present you with clear and simple facts for you to make an informed decision, based on your itinerary. We will only recommend itineraries that offer the most flexibility for you and will advise should we identify and red flags. We do the detail work so you can concentrate on preparing for and looking forward to your trip!

Travel Insurance – an essential part of travelling

In a time when there are so many unknowns, we wanted to give our clients an extra boost of confidence when booking their next vacation. Now more than ever we felt it was necessary to provide reliable insurance because in this new era of travel having the right level of travel insurance has become critical.

Absolute Belize has partnered with Atrio Travel Assist to provide our clients with comprehensive travel insurance coverage from full cancellation coverage including pandemics to simple travel insurance which covers medical assistance wherever you are, repatriation if you need to cut your trip short as well as additional upgrades to compensate for flight delays, missed connections and lost luggage.

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