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10th June 2012

Rufus Brand

Rufus grew up in the beautiful Stellenbosch wine region of the Western Cape in South Africa. He has always had a strong affinity for the ocean and at the age of 18 he embarked on the first of three trans-Atlantic crossings, on a 55ft ketch. He went on to sail the waters of South America, the Caribbean, Mediterranean Sea and the UK, as well as travelling overland through Africa, Australia, Egypt and Asia, where he worked with medical aid & relief teams.

After he married his wife Kate in 2008, they put their various skills and passions to work and bought their own sailboat in 2010. Two years later, after an extensive refit, they sailed their boat across the Atlantic Ocean, from South Africa to Brazil and then up to the Caribbean Sea, and have been travelling the world together ever since.

With almost 20,000nm sailing experience under his belt, Rufus has an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore 200T license as well as his RYA Yachmaster Ocean theory and plans to complete his celestial navigation practical exam in 2015. He is a natural at the helm of any sailboat and combined with his passion for adventure, water sports and scuba diving he is the ideal skipper for your dream sailing vacation.

Kate Brand

Kate has lived by the seaside her whole life, in the beautiful Western Cape of South Africa. She started sailing the famous South African coastline from a young age, with her father, an avid racer. She always had a desire to travel and experience new cultures.

Kate and her husband Rufus bought their own sailboat in 2010 and took two years to do an extensive refit. In 2012 they left South Africa for the trans-Atlantic crossing, to South America and then up to the Caribbean, hand helming all the way!

Kate has travelled extensively through Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Central America and the US and believes that some of the best parts of her travels have been the food. She has a passion for preparing and sharing good food, and believes that it is an essential component of an exceptional travel experience.

Her time in the hospitality industry, combined with almost 8,000nm sailing and live aboard experience means that she is a natural when it comes to ensuring that guests feel at home and making sure they have the best vacation experience possible.