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4th June 2012

Not only would I recommend it, I plan to repeat it

“Our Captain (Cliff) is an amazing individual. He takes customer service seriously and went above and beyond to ensure all of our needs and desires were taken care of.  Our trip was a perfect blend of relaxation and full-out adventure. We would be picked up by the dive shop (thank you Cliff for arranging private ‘Vip-feeling’ pick-up), spend a couple hours on and under the water, then arrive home to fresh salad and ceviche prepared by Sharon, our chef.  Any time we wanted to explore, our captain connected us with the best resources (including a private snorkel guide that joined us on the boat for the day…did I mention she knows the sea life so well, the sting rays swim into her arms?). This really was a dream come true. Not only would I recommend it, I plan to repeat it”. Miriam M, USA

It is really a great way to travel!

“A friend and I wanted a break and an experience different from the average land-based resorts.  At a price similar to an inclusive package we had our own private, floating hotel including a crew just for us.  There is nothing better than waking in the morning to caribbean blue waters, warm sun and a freshly made tropical breakfast. Whether we were relaxing or island hopping, they took care of all the arrangements.  And rum drinks were always at the ready. One day we leisurely walked around a mellow town, then had a great massage at luxury spa followed by drinks at a beachfront resort while we waited for our private water taxi to take us directly to our boat at anchor.  It is really a great way to travel!” Annette G, USA

Hands down, this was the best vacation and you’d better believe, we’ll all be back.

“Everything you could think of, want or need – is taken care of!  Before we even boarded, the Captain had us picked up and given a tour of Belize.  We ended up at Ecolution and were all able to hand feed wild Howler monkeys! (Thx Shane!) Then after a jump in the river, we headed to board the Infinity. What an amazing catamaran! Fresh ceviche was waiting for us right as we got on! We couldn’t have gotten better service.  Every morning, breakfast was waiting for us. Then, while we ate… our rooms were cleaned!  What a nice added bonus!  The captain asked about the things we wanted to do and set up everything! We had the most amazing time at a ‘catch and eat’ excursion! We got to catch conch, have it then freshly prepared into the most amazing ceviche I’ve ever had in my entire life. We snorkled a bit and then caught tons of fish. (We even went spear fishing!) We were brought to a private island were it was cooked on the beach! We all were scuba divers and the Captain arranged all of our dives, including a private night dive that could only be compared to what it must be like to be in outer space.  For the most part we all had our gear, but what we didn’t have, the crew provided.   We wanted for nothing! Their only goal was to see that we were well taken care of and they more than succeeded at that! All of our dinners were 5 stars!  As a matter of fact, all of our meals were 5 star!  I still remember this amazing butter they had from New Zealand! (Drool!)  I could go on and on forever about what amazing service we received from the crew.  From personal guided tours of San Pedro and Caye Calker, to personalized day adventures, and to top it all off – Cappy went out and bought me a super awesome lure so I was able to catch a giant barracuda right off the boat!  Hands down, this was the best vacation and you better believe, we’ll all be back. Next time, we’ll be off to Guatemala! Thanks Luxury Sailing Charters… and especially to Cliff “Cappy” Wilson and his first crew mate, Sharron!” Mary M, USA