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17th August 2010

We would highly recommend this yacht to anyone who loves the Sea and has a love of gourmet food

“As two professionals from the large yachting world, we were astounded by the level of service you offered us during our visit. The gourmet food was excellent! The food was a great mix of local produce and excellent cooking expertise. You obviously have a great love of Belize and it’s people, this came across in all our activities onboard. We experienced great diving and snorkelling along the reef, with truly a lot to see and discover. Our swimming with the Manatees, was a once in a life time experience, that we will never forget. You made us feel so welcome and at home onboard your yacht. We have taken away so many great memories of our trip.
The Sailing was excellent, with Cliff’s superb knowledge of the area. We were able to visit so many beautiful locations that we would never have found without your local knowledge. It was so nice star gazing at night with the sound of the waves breaking on the reef. We would highly recommend this yacht to anyone who loves the Sea and has a love of gourmet food. You make the best rum cocktails! This is truly a great way to discover the real Belize”. Josefin and Jeremy

In just the week long visit you have helped us create memories that will last a life time!

“We want to thank you again for providing such a world class sailing vacation. We had never taken a cruise before and our vacation to Belize was one of the best I can remember!  Everything was top notch, especially the food.  You took great care of us and really made us feel comfortable and at home the entire trip.  I would highly recommend your sailing vacations to anyone!  Also, I want to give you a special thanks for helping me arrange my proposal to my girlfriend.  Proposing on a romantic deserted island was ideal – how could she say anything but yes???!!! In just the week long visit you have helped us create memories that will last a life time!” Dan and Megan R, USA

A once in a lifetime experience

“When we started researching Belize yacht charter companies we looked at TMM, Moorings and the few other private yacht charter companies before we decided to charter with Belize Sailing Vacations Yacht Charters. We choose Belize Sailing Vacations because of the crews sailing experience, local knowledge, family owned business, yacht amenities/luxury extras, gourmet chef and the best charter value in Belize.  We also checked out the Guest References, in which everyone we talked to consistently said it was the best yacht charter experiences they ever had.  We have to say after spending a week with Captain Cliff, that the crew exceeded our expectations.  The pristine islands of Belize are definitely the jewels of the Caribbean.  The diverse activities from sailing, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving to exploring the Mayan ruins and the jungle made this a once in a lifetime experience.  We really appreciated Captain Cliff’s local sailing knowledge as well as the great friends he has made over the years on the different islands.  It was a wonderful culture exchange to get to know the people of Belize.  One of our favorite gourmet adventures was the local fishermen bringing live Stone Crab to the yacht for Captain Cliff to prepare for dinner.  AMAZING!  We could go on and on about the incredible gourmet meals, wonderful sailing, snorkeling and diving adventures. We highly recommend Belize Sailing Vacations as the top Belize Yacht Charter Company! Thank you for a wonderful Belize Sailing Vacation!” Travis and Emily B, USA