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18th September 2012

Compelling! – “Cotton Tree Lodge and the surrounding communities compelled us to come back. Visiting in 2008 with the whole family, my 17 year-old daughter and I needed to return.Despite a busy week of first time visitors, the staff at the Cotton Tree found time to help us carve out our own, very personal trips. Exploring the local communities more intimately than our first visit was a life experience and opportunity that we shall never forget. Respect and understanding for local culture and ideas is evident in all that they do at Cotton Tree Lodge. And somehow the staff at Cotton Tree Lodge balance making you feel like a guest and family in the same breath.Trip number three? Absolutely!” Christine H

“Great” doesn’t cut it”  – “We had such a great time in Belize at Cotton Tree!!!!! Actually, “great” doesn’t cut it. We didn’t get to do nearly all of the things we wanted to do, so we’re anxious to come back. The unexpected surprise of our trip was how much we liked the PEOPLE that we met (we thought it would be all about the rainforest, monkeys, and birds)”. Curtis B

We shall return – “We spent only three nights at the Cotton Tree, but this was enough to know we shall return. We will always remember the sound of the howler monkeys as they surrounded the lodge in the middle of the night! There are so many enticing adventures nearby – making chocolate with a Mayan family was a highlight for us. Cotton Tree’s ecotourism puts the emphasis on eco, not on tourism. Chris and the staff have developed a model ecolodge, and their engagement in the local community is admirable”.   Adrian and Shirley S

Congratulations Chris, Jeff and staff, you’ve done it! – The Cotton Tree is a gorgeous little bit of luxury in the middle of the jungle. The river is the best pool ever and the river breeze is natures A/C. We were thrilled with the beautiful cabanas, outstanding food, exciting excursions and a staff that I would welcome each and every one to visit the US and stay in my home. We’ve never vacationed in the same spot twice But we WILL be returning to the Cotton Tree in the future to check up on the friends we made and to support your amazing vision of what an eco-friendly jungle lodge could and should be. Congratulations Chris, Jeff and staff! Youve done it! Katie Devane and Becky Spear