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13th November 2013

The on-site Drum Bar is located behind the tropical swimming pool and the drinks list is curated by the onsite mixologist. Don’t miss the ‘Garifuna Revenge’, a blend of spiced rums and fresh local juices.

The Rhum Shack Bistro offers an exquisite beachfront dining experience, located by the waters edge under a giant palapa roof. The menu comprises international and local dishes, using local meats, seafood, vegetables and seasonings – all harvested from the village and surrounding areas by Garifuna Fishermen and Maya Farmers. Don’t miss the traditional Garifuna dish, the seafood sere soup, with shrimp, lobster & fresh fish, served with coconut rice.

Within the village of Hopkins you will find international gourmet upscale offerings, along with some fun local establishments serving divine local cuisine. Here is AB’s pick of the best:

Chef Rob’s Love on the Rocks specialises in grilled hot stone cuisine, a tradition started by the ancient Maya’s in Belize, adapted for a modern international clientele. Head to Beaches & Dreams and enjoy the breeze from the dining deck, just 30 ft from the ocean. Chef Tony’s famous tasting menu features 6 courses of Caribbean gastronomic indulgence and has guests coming back time and time for more.

For something more authentic, head to Innie’s for the best local Belizean cuisine and some cultural Garifuna specialities. Chef Marva is known for her ability to provide guests with the unique taste of the Garifuna food and she is reputed to make the best Hudut and Bundiga in Hopkins.