The Ellysian

Southern Belize

‘Divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect’, The Ellysian’s name is derived from the Elysian Fields, the heaven on earth of ancient myth. Also honouring the name Elyse, derived from Elle, it is also used to refer the goddess Gaia, the eternal feminine presence. A very fitting name, as the hotel has been inspired by a very special woman’s touch from its inception.

The Ellysian’s curator, Mrs Kim Simplis-Barrow is the First Lady of Belize and known as the First Lady with the people of Belize. She has dedicated her life to improving herself and is driven to helping and improving those around her. Her endless accolades and accomplishments include her Lifeline Foundation, which raises thousands of dollars to aid disenfranchised children, The Inspiration Centre, Belize’s national referral centre for children with disabilities, and the establishment of a Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; two huge projects that were undertaken while she was battling breast cancer.

Her “SHE for BELIZE” foundation connected 20,000 women in her empowerment campaign advocating women’s rights and supporting women in business through financial and mentoring support. She is also dedicated to addressing Caribbean priorities including the reduction of teenage pregnancy, cervical cancer, HIV, including mother to child transmission, and violence against women and children, including human trafficking.

Kim Simplis Barrow is inspiration, strength, compassion, a survivor, and of course, a gifted curator.


Region: Placencia, Southern Belize
Type: Boutique Hotel
Price: From $300 per night plus 19% tax and service charge

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The Resort and Rooms

A chic and upscale retreat, The Ellysian is an elegant sanctuary with a special story, bringing a fresh new vibe to Placencia Village. Each of the Ellysian’s rooms, or as they refer to them as ‘her daughters’ are unique and decorated to enhance the sensory experience, a symbiotic relationship between art and function.

Resort: The Ellysian
Type: Boutique Hotel
Price: From $300 per night plus 19% tax and service charge