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1st September 2010

Without Exception, Outstanding! – “Without exception, the staff at Turtle Inn has been outstanding.  All have been friendly and knowledgeable. Ragner was frequently our server and he was exceptional. Francis was our guide at Cockscomb and he was extremely knowledgeable re flora and fauna. The entire boat staff that escorted us on the snorkel was terrific and knowledgeable. It was a delightful excursion. We try to patronize eco-friendly establishments. Turtle Inn uses efficient lighting and teaches about conservation of the reef”. Nancy and William F of Austin, Texas

Turtle Inn is Paradise – “Dive shop – the excursion guides are very knowledgeable. We enjoyed our stay. Turtle Inn is paradise! We loved the relaxation of not having TV. Our children did not miss TV at all. They loved playing the board games – how thoughtful of you. You have the greatest staff ever. They are very friendly and attentive”. Mark and Rhonda H of Abindon, Virginia