Sustainable Belize

13 October 14
Here at Absolute Belize we value the environment and local communities, and are very aware of the adverse impact tourism can have when managed poorly. We are therefore a proud member of the Sustainable Travel International’s Destination Partner Program, which shares many goals similar to our own.We love other businesses with a similar mindset here in Belize, and we are especially a big fan of Maya Mountain Cacao, who bring to the global chocolate industry “a new and revolutionary way to source the highest quality cacao from smallholder farmers in Belize, leveraging the power of direct relationships and constant innovation to shorten supply chains and catalyze impactful social and environmental development in the region.”

We also offer tailor-made trips for the ultimate chocolate addicts, a complete cultural and sensory immersion into the world of chocolate.

mayamountaincacao photo credit: MayaMountainCacao



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Whether you want an action packed agenda in the water and the jungle, or simply spend some quality time in a hammock, Belize has something for all tastes and tempos.

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