25 September 15

Marie Sharp’s Belizean hot sauces are in the bloodstream of every Belizean, are on every table in every restaurant and are products of national pride. We were excited to learn of the launch of the latest variant, ‘The Smoked Habanero’ which was officially debuted at the Agriculture and Trade Show in May. Owner Marie Sharp said she got a little inspiration from our commonwealth family, the Canadians…..

“The idea came about because my husband and I love to watch programmes from Canada about the people who live in the bush. We saw how they smoke fish, they smoke meat, they smoke everything; so we just sat there and my husband said, “How about if we smoke some habanero peppers?” I didn’t pay him any mind you know. He went ahead and he made our guys, in house, build a smokehouse; and they built a nice smoker and we started to smoke the habanero peppers. After he had the peppers smoked now he comes and say now you have to make the sauce.”



Marie Sharp – Owner, Marie Sharp

The result? The new hot sauce is a hands down winner and now the hottest sauce in the range, superseding “Comatose Level” and “No Wimps Allowed”. We love it! Read more here.


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