The gift of Taste – Gourmet Green & Blue

23 December 15
Set out on a gourmet sailing voyage that takes you through pristine Caribbean waters on a luxury yacht. Catch¬†lobsters with your guide, go in search of conch to make the freshest ceviche and cook the day’s catch with your private chef – a perfect way to enjoy the fruits of your labour while sailing in style through the seas of Belize.
Journey on into the lush rainforest of the Toledo district, where your destination is an agro-eco-chic retreat perched high in the jungle canopy, complete with resident artisans, farmers and foragers on site. Go foraging for food, make your own chocolate, learn about the ancient Mayan ways of life in indigenous villages and complete the sensory immersion with a rum mixology master class.
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Whether you want an action packed agenda in the water and the jungle, or simply spend some quality time in a hammock, Belize has something for all tastes and tempos.

Map of Belize, showing our 4 main regions
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