Absolute blog: May 2015

‘Belize: Sanctuary from the insanity’

19 May 15

“There are still places in this world where you can hide from that boogie man chasing you with bills, commitments and, oh yeah, those reports you need to finish even though no one will ever read them.” Find out more why Washington Times believes Belize is the best sanctuary.

washingtonTimes Belize

Photo: Washington Times

The September Celebrations in Belize

6 May 15

“This September, consider a trip to Belize if for nothing else than to see a fairly young country celebrate what it is to be an independent nation.”

Find out why travelling to Belize in September is one big celebration.

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Whether you want an action packed agenda in the water and the jungle, or simply spend some quality time in a hammock, Belize has something for all tastes and tempos.

Map of Belize, showing our 4 main regions
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