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2021: A Look Back

19 January 22


Looking back at last year, we saw a return to something we love… something that brought us immense relief: Travel.

As seen through the rose-colored glasses of our directors, here’s a look back to 2021 and a look ahead to 2022.


Honestly, it’s been challenging to find the appropriate words to recap 2021. Hope all pointed to it being the year of the “new” normal – with careful celebrations, reunions, movement, travel, and ultimately new discoveries. Whilst, to some extent, this was true, turbulence continues to be a dominant headline around the world as we venture into 2022, but we continue to hope that the path gets lighter.

As conscientious travel specialists, we are sensitive, empathetic, and understanding of everyone’s feelings towards travel and their specific needs. Whilst it may still not be a priority or in everyone’s comfort zone, it has proven to be the perfect therapy for those ready and even craving it.

Being the perfect place to be active – outdoors, in nature, exploring rainforests, mountains, jungle reserves, and in the water, gliding through some of the most mesmerising marine life in the world – Belize has been a huge hit.

2021 was, in fact, an unprecedented year for us as we welcomed guests to their private yacht charters, private islands, luxe beach villas, or hidden jungle retreats and delighted them with carefully curated activities and cultural immersions. Hearing guests tell us that this was their first trip since March 2020 and that it has changed their lives just warms our hearts, and inspires us to continue to craft transformational travel experiences.

Patricia will be sharing some of our favorite guest reviews and pictures, which leads me to my final note of thanks: To Patricia and Josue, aka “Josh” – for their unsurpassable dedication and tremendous hard work, delivering some of the most exceptional travel itineraries, experiences, and even weddings to our guests! Congratulations, Pat and Josh – the Dream Team!


WOW! What a year 2021 was! As we start 2022, COVID-19 continues to be a thorn in our side; however, we are so blessed to have welcomed a record number of travelers to Belize last year. Travelers that took a leap of faith were rewarded with the most authentic, private, and rejuvenating experiences! I could speak about how special Belize is for days, but there’s nothing like living vicariously through another traveler’s journey. Here’s what a few of our clients had to say:

“It is difficult to put into words how wonderful this vacation was. My daughter and I both teared up at various times, shaking our heads and looking at each other as we were just overwhelmed at how special the whole trip was for us. I feel like we got some insight into the Belize people and culture along the way, and both were enjoyed and admired.” ‐ Bryan Gorsira

“We can’t say enough good about our recent trip to Belize. The WOW moment that was planned for us was beyond our wildest dreams. We are truly appreciative of this wonderful introduction to Belize. We can’t imagine a more perfect pandemic getaway.” ‐ Kate Rader

“One of my main goals for our vacation was to scuba dive. This was our first experience of scuba diving with the whole family together. The underwater life in Belize is extraordinary! Every chance my kids had to jump in, swim, snorkel, spearfish, or dive, they were doing it. Our trip was spectacular. My family is convinced that we must go back.” ‐ Tamsen Toal

“Our trip was incredible! We had private transfers and activities to minimize exposure to others in close spaces. On our private jungle river pontoon day, we didn’t see another boat or person. But we climbed waterfalls, rope swung into the river and saw amazing wildlife (crocs and iguanas were our favorites). Pandemic travel or not, I always like feeling like we are the only ones there. I’m already trying to figure out when we can visit Belize again and let Patricia plan some more amazing places for us to visit there.” ‐ Precia Barrett

“We almost never return to the same country. In 2019, we took a fabulous family trip to Belize. Everything about that 2019 trip was superb and really easy. Given that we were traveling during Covid, we wanted easy again. The highlight of the itinerary was the unexpected “WOW Moment.” Knowing that we have a strong interest in learning about local culture, Patricia arranged with the Black & White Garifuna Restaurant to come to our hotel for a private, immersive evening focused on the Garifuna Afro-Caribbean culture.

The excellent itinerary was matched by superior management of all logistics. Everything went smoothly and just as planned. We were met on time at every spot by drivers with signs with our names, and all of the guides were first-rate. Importantly, Covid safety protocols received the attention they deserve.

All in all, the trip was an A+. We had quality time as a family, and interesting, memorable experiences in a beautiful, diverse country.” ‐ Robyn Smyers



We start the year humbled and grateful for each and every person who has chosen Belize as a vacation destination and has reached out to us to plan a tailor-made itinerary just for you. Whether you made it to Belize last year or are looking forward to coming this year, we appreciate you trusting us to curate memorable experiences for you and your loved ones.

In 2021, the team at Absolute Belize achieved monumental milestones, some of which include:

  • being the only Trusted Travel Experts in Belize on Wendy Perrin’s WOW List for the third consecutive year
  • being on the coveted Conde Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist List, and
  • being featured in Marie Claire Magazine

We also welcomed our newest member to the team, Josue “Josh” Diaz, who has been in Belize’s hospitality industry for over 10 years. Having worked at several prominent hotels and resorts, including the former prime minister’s boutique hotel on the golden shores of the highly sought-after Placencia Peninsula, Josh brings with him a wealth of knowledge in guest services, hotel management, and sales and marketing.



What’s next for Absolute Belize? Our major project is a brand new website with more of our favorite places and activities and an enhanced visitor experience. As for me, this year will include more family trips and explorations in and out of Belize.



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Whether you want an action packed agenda in the water and the jungle, or simply spend some quality time in a hammock, Belize has something for all tastes and tempos.

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