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25 September 15

AB is very excited to launch its ‘Namaste Belize’ itinerary that combines yoga, sailing and adventure in the jungle, offering guests the best ways to connect with nature. Sailing in Belize is the ultimate way to witness the pristine waters, the unspoiled coastline and to explore the plethora of picture perfect islands from the Northern Cayes to the South. By being at sea, guests have the option to perform yoga on the bow of the boat, on deserted islands under thatched palapa shades, or to join classes at some of the more populated islands with others. Sailing is fully all inclusive of captain, chef, yoga instructor, all freshly prepared healthy meals and standard open bar.

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Staying at Hidden Valley allows the guests to practice yoga in unspoiled settings, surrounded by the pristine jungle of the mystic Mayan Mountains, offering the best way to connect with nature. This resort was specifically chosen for its spectacular location, enabling guests to practice outside, breath in the fresh air, hearing the birds sing, seeing the sunrise, rewarding you both physically and spiritually. Since they offer both dynamic and relaxing yoga sessions, it is ideal for people new to yoga or those more experienced.


Both Belize Luxury Sailing and Hidden Valley Inn have fantastic reputations for their culinary offerings, creativity, quality of ingredients and flexibility in accommodating dietary requirements. Both use locally sourced clean produce – fresh fish, locally reared meats and organic fruits and veggies from the farms in the Cayo district and from Hidden Valley’s on site farm.

yoga hidden valley

The itinerary includes a private yoga instructor for the duration of the trip, all accommodation, transfers, full board healthy meal plan, outlined excursions and all taxes and service charge.

Sandbar Ceremony?

15 May 13
AB has been busy crafting our latest Tailor Made challenge. We got a call saying, ‘we want to get married in Belize, but on a desert island, in the middle of nowhere, with no guests…. in a week, got any ideas?’
Since we have the scoop on the land, we knew that the northern lagoon side of Ambergris Caye has a sandbar that is only there at certain tides levels and times of day, so we did our research, did some drive by’s by boat, grabbed a photographer, a minister and voila!
Congratulations Christopher and Rose!

Tailored touches continued…. a spiritual journey to the land of the ancients Mayans

17 April 13
AB was tasked with creating the ultimate Mayan Jungle immersion – a nine-day exploration into the ancient Mayan and wildlife worlds in the heart of the Belizean jungle for 8 ladies and their guide, timed to coincide with the “impending apocalypse ” of December 2012. We would like to share their experiences…..
“It was December 2012 and the impending apocalypse – according some people’s interpretation of the Mayan calendar. Others believed the exact opposite – it was to be a time of renewal and of hope, and a new, more sustainable world order. Fortunately for me my world-traveling group of power women fell very definitely into the latter category. I was tasked by them of designing a spiritual journey to the land of the Mayan ancients, of witnessing their temples in the jungle – yet with all the creature comforts they had become accustomed to on their travels with me over the last twenty-five years.
What was I to do? Safari’s to the most remote areas of Africa, tiger viewing in India and leopards in Sri Lanka are second nature – but jaguar spotting in Belize I knew naught. Fortune smiled on me and I found Rachael Eteson and her tour operation, Absolute Belize. Rachael immediately grasped my nuanced request and provided an itinerary in short order. After a few tweaks I presented the final version to the group leader and we were good to go.
A minimum of movement, with the least discomfort, and three specific temples were the request. Accordingly Rachael teamed us up with Tropic Air. Their cheerful and professional pilots in Cessna Caravans flew us to and from each of the lodges on time and without a hitch. First stop was Hidden Valley Inn – a charming hotel high in the mountains, surrounded by miles of trails and stunning waterfalls. This was the jump off to Xunantunich, spectacularly sited high on a hill. In between times and the glorious dining, the girls were pampered at the spa and off on birding walks.
We were then whisked away on another flawless flight to the south of Belize to Punta Gorda and the exotic Belcampo Resort. Before being able to settle into their huge rooms with the largest showers we have ever seen we were descending the rail car to the river far below for a birding cruise. All the while with an eye on an expanding waistline with the bounty from the creative chefs, using the finest natural ingredients, we were off to another of the most famous Mayan ruins, Labaantun. We had another three days of bliss and spiritual introspection.
Final stop was Chan Chich – sitting in the middle of an ancient temple and not far from one of the most dramatic of all the Mayan temples in Belize – Lamanai, which we reached in dramatic fashion by river. We trekked up to the escarpment on the last December evening and under the light of the Full Moon we said goodbye to past and welcomed the new – in Mayan style.
 Rachael had done us proud – we did not get to see a jaguar (few do) but received everything else we had asked for, in comfort and in a luxurious manner we did not anticipate. She had a difficult task that was perfectly executed for which we thank her.”
Rory Johnston
Africa – Safari Style
“Discover the wilderness – discover your soul.”




Tailored touches

12 April 13
At AB we love to tailor specialist travel itineraries. We will be showcasing some of our favourite client moments that have put our planning precision and creative juices to the test…… sunrise meditations on Mayan temples? Weddings on deserted sand bars? Christmas day lobster spear fishing? Come on over and give us a challenge!
Here is a picture of our latest offering – private yoga tuition on a yacht.
Watch this space for more.
Yoga on a yacht

New Website!

23 March 13

AB has been busy beavering away.  We’ve dusted, polished and blown a few cobwebs away to breathe new life into our virtual home – our Absolute Belize website.  We’ve spruced up our design, re-jigged our layout, and served up some generous helpings of new and exciting places to stay and explore.  Come on in and have a look around.

This month we’re (literally) bubbling with excitement about the new offerings in the Cayo District, the adventure hub of Belize.  Join us for some oohs and aahs by checking out the new Gaia Riverlodge, a beguilingly magical resort in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, and go a little dreamy while you imagine yourself lounging in the hip and luxurious private villas at Ka’ana Boutique Resort.  We live here, so get to experience the wonders of Belize on a daily basis, yet we’ve been blown away by our recent trips to these resorts.  Get in touch so we can tailor make an amazing itinerary just for you.  Come on over, we’d love to show you around.

Hit list

Whether you want an action packed agenda in the water and the jungle, or simply spend some quality time in a hammock, Belize has something for all tastes and tempos.

Map of Belize, showing our 4 main regions
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