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About Belize

15th March 2010

With one foot in the Central American jungle and the other in the Caribbean Sea, Belize offers the best of both worlds. Offshore, there are over 200 Cayes, most of which are located inside the 200 mile Belize Barrier Reef. Amongst these pristine, turquoise waters, snorkelers and divers can experience countless species of exotic fish, rays, reef and whale sharks, dolphins and turtles.

Inland, explorers can investigate spectacular ancient Mayan ruins and the largest cave system in Central America, whilst wildlife fans can experience over 500 species of birds, howler monkeys, and the only jaguar reserve in the world.

The warm and welcoming people of Belize have a fantastically rich and diverse culture courtesy of their Mayan roots, island settler heritage and former British governance. The mix of ethnicities includes Mestizo, Creole, Maya, Garifuna, East Indian, Asian, Lebanese, Mennonite and “Gringo”, with English as the official language.