Here’s the stuff you need to know: how to get here, what to pack, how to travel around, as well as a little bit of the history of this amazing country.

Getting here

With six major US gateways and one from Mexico, getting to Belize from the mainland USA is quick and easy. In Belize, puddle jumper planes connect the islands, mainland and coastal towns, or travel by boat for a different kind of ride.

Getting around

Traveling in Belize is easy. Small planes, local buses and water taxis travel regularly along the main routes, but if you plan on venturing off the beaten track you will have to rent a car, hire a taxi or go with a tour company.

Travel information

Belize has a tropical climate and a relaxed vibe. Here are some top tips and information about currency, what to bring, Belizean customs, the weather and health.

A bit of history

The history of Belize dates back thousands of years. The Maya civilization spread into the area of Belize between 1500 BC and AD 200 and flourished until about AD 1200.