August: Costa Maya

Mid August (dates vary from year to year)

San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival is a four day multicultural celebration held on the streets of San Pedro that includes participants from five Central American countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. These countries comprise “El Mundo Maya” (the Mayan World) and come together each summer to celebrate their heritage with live music and other festivities, to promote goodwill among Central American countries and to encourage visitors to Belize.

The streets of San Pedro come to life with parades, music, dancing, delicious food, competitions and of course the ‘Reina de la Costa Maya’ or Queen of the Mayan Coast Beauty Pageant, held on the first night, where the representatives from each country dazzle the crowds in their cultural costumes, swimwear and evening gowns.

Entertainers offer festival goers a wide array of music including Punta, Reggae, Soca, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, and traditional Maya music with dances telling of the Mayan culture, traditions and rich heritage. Booths displaying arts and craft, games, clothing, food as well as rides and carnival games jostle for space.