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14th September 2012

Using the freshly grown organic produce grown in the on site organic garden, you will be spoilt for choice for options.

The intimate ‘Montagna Ristorante’ serves classic Italian cuisine is served in a romantic tropical setting. The menu features traditional Italian dishes with a special focus on the Coppola’s own family recipes, drawn from their history in the southern region of Basilicata. Pastas, fresh fish and braised or grilled local meats are all prepared with organically-grown herbs and vegetables.  Also on offer are made-to-order pizzas, cooked in an authentic brick oven.

The poolside ‘Guatelamtecqua Restaurant’ specializes in the cooking of Guatemala, a mildly-spiced cuisine that draws on Mexican, Caribbean and Mayan traditions. Local favorites include Salpicon, shredded beef salad flavored with sour orange and cilantro, Jocon, chicken cooked with green herbs and spices, and Rellenitos, a delicious dessert consisting of plantains filled with sweetened black beans.

The ‘Jaguar Bar’ is a perfect place to relax after a day of activities. The hand-carved slate bar, ceiling fans from the set of Apocalypse Now, framed pictures of local archaeological digs and handmade furnishings create a truly eclectic atmosphere.